Theodore Wheeler

The Science of Making Code Fun Again



I used to write code and train in psychoanalysis on the side. Now I combine my experiences into a unique offering.

Assess and repair unproductive teams

It happens much more often than anyone cares to admit: a previously productive development team slowly grinds to a halt. Factions form and lines are drawn. Every decision becomes a management nightmare. Key people begin to leave and it threatens the health of the entire product.

My services have a general outline:

Train developers in emotional communication

Developers aren't paid to feel difficult feelings. Nor are they known for their ability to communicate with non-technical people. I offer training courses to help bridge these gaps.

My courses are taught in the language of computer science. I use data and experimental modeling to produce desired outcomes. I don't teach magic solutions to eternal problems. I facilitate communication and encourage emotional maturity. I introduce developers to the power of a therapeutic attitude toward the unconscious.


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